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Software for Feng Shui : Workshop 2
by Mark Shackelford, author of Software for Feng Shui

"How can Feng Shui help you make positive changes to your Life ?"

Part of ancient Chinese belief is that the luck (good or bad) that happens to you during your life depends on the state of the universe when you were born. You use Feng Shui to determine the various enhancements and remedies required to prevent or avoid any bad luck, but first you need to know what that luck is likely to be and when it is likely to occur. The Chinese use a system based on Yin and Yang and their five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) to determine a wide range of information about your life and how the world interacts with you.

This workshop looks at how you can interpret the various Elements found in your Four Pillars Readings, and use these readings to make positive changes to your Life.

The Elements - "A Balanced Character"

As well as the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches (Animals), the Four Pillars enables you to look at your Element Balance, to see whether you have a good spread of different elements in your reading.

In Chinese Philosophy the five Elements each have a specific character or set of attributes, and those that appear (or are absent) from your Four Pillars readings may tell you something about yourself.

Looking at workshop 1, we can see that each Heaven Stem, and each Earthly Branch is related to a specific element. For example, the Heavenly Stem "Chia" is Yang Wood, whilst the Earthly Branch "Tzu" (the Rat) is Yang Water.

The five elements and some examples of their characteristics are shown below:



Typical Characteristics



Agile, Fit, Quick, Decisive, Impatient, Practical, Expansive



Excitable, Indulgent, Tender, Sensitive, Graceful, Intuitive



Calm, Reliable, Gourmet, Protective, Intelligent, Loyal, Moderate



Reserved, Logical, Ordered, Moral, Delicate, Precise, Orderly



Clever, Inquisitive, Restrained, Creative, Languid, Secretive

Table 3 : The Elements

Your Element Balance is determined by counting the Elements of each Heavenly Stem and each Earthly Branch. Figure 2 shows an example which has 3 Wood, 0 Fire, 4 Earth, 1 Metal and 0 Water.

Figure 2 : The Element Balance

A good reading would have 1 or 2 of each Element, whilst any reading with 0 for an element or more than 3 for an element might be seen as out of balance. If the reading is out of balance then you can use the Feng Shui remedies to help you make changes to your character.

For example if you have too little Fire in your character (as in our example with 0 Fire), you can enhance this by wearing Red coloured clothes or having Candles or Fires in your house.

TIP: To see a display of the main characteristics of each Element, Double Click with the mouse on any of the Element symbols. This also works for the Stems and Branches on the Four Pillars screen. A pop-up window similar to that shown in Figure 3 will be displayed.

Figure 3 : Element Details

You can also use the element balance to enhance an aspect of your character. For example if you wish to be more Decisive or Practical, Feng Shui would suggest that you should enhance the Wood aspects of your life, perhaps by wearing Green clothes or having more plants in your house.

TIP: The Feng Shui program helps you to determine the best remedy or enhancement to adjust any element imbalance. Just click on the LESS or MORE button below the specific element name and the program will display a window with lists of colours, objects, plants etc. that you should use to add or remove selected element characteristics.