Feng Shui for Modern Living : Daily Almanac

Almanac for Saturday 23rd of January 2021

Period Year Month Day
Heavenly Stem
Hsin Wu Jen
Wrought Metal Soil Running Water

Earthly Branch
Ch'ou Yin Shen
Ox Tiger Monkey

Good and Bad activities for Saturday 23rd of January

* P'o : Ruin *

Good Day for Bad Day for
Short Journeys (Car)
Starting a Venture
Business Dealings
Going Shopping
Selling and Trading
Long Journeys (Plane)
Building and Repairs
Gardening and Digging
Opening a Shop
Using your Savings
Making Clothes
Spring Cleaning
Visting a Health Club
Going Swimming
Visiting the Doctor
Visiting the Optician
Visiting the Dentist
Moving House
Having Meetings
Cutting Plants
Planting Seeds
Planning Ahead
Having a Party
Starting School
Going to College
Studying or Exams
Writing Letters
Arts and Crafts
Wedding Receptions
Wedding Day
Wedding Organization
Having an Interview

Lucky Star for Saturday 23rd of January : The Musician

Wise Star : Good for Perception, Enthusiasm and Adaptability in Learning, the Arts or Business

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Feng Shui for Modern Living : Daily Almanac
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