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(Microsoft Windows PCs only - XP, Vista, Windows 7, WINDOWS 8 and WINDOWS 10)

Click here for Full details of the Professional Version including Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology

Please check the program works on your PC by downloading the FREE Lite version first.




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Software Choice   Price for Internet Download
For ALL versions of Windows including 7 and 8
FREE Feng Shui Lite includes
Four Pillars, Black Hat, I Ching,
Relationships, Tips and Fortunes
 :  For fun and to get a "taste" for the full power of Feng Shui. 
Just email mark_shackelford@hotmail.com 
for your FREE download link to the LITE version...
Feng Shui Lite
Feng Shui Professional
all the features including Lo Pan, 
Floor Plans, Daily Almanac, 
10 Year Luck Pillars, 9 Star Directions
and GARDEN features

And now includes a FREE version of the

GEOMANCY software


SPECIAL OFFERWas US $200 dollars - NOW ONLY $150!
Runs on ALL versions of Windows including 7, 8 and 10

For Full Details of the Professional Software...Click Here

SPECIAL OFFER includes a FREE version of the

GEOMANCY Software (click here for details)

Feng Shui 
Professional $150
Now with FREE Geomancy
plus Runes and Ogham Divination
  US $100 dollars
Runs on ALL versions of Windows including 7 and 8
Geomancy $100

Minimum Technical Details & System Requirements 
(if your system is newer or larger or faster, then the software will work fine!) 

Microsoft Windows based PC (not MAC)
: 32 Mbytes (minimum) 
Disc Space: 15 Mbytes free space 
Screen: S-VGA Video Adapter or better
Resolution: 800 x 600 (minimum), 256+ Colours (minimum) 
Windows: 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or later 
Mouse: Microsoft Mouse or equivalent pointing device 
Install: Internet Connection 

and Windows 8 and 10


Refunds are only available if the software fails to install or function on your computer. We cannot make refunds for any other reason. Refunds are made less any PayPal costs incurred. 

We advise that you use the Lite version to make sure that the software works on your system - A Refund will be given for any problems with the Lite version.


The Clubs and Groups licence allows you to purchase one copy of the software and share the cost between all members of your group.

The Friends and Family licence allows you to purchase one copy of the software and share the program with all members of your family of friends.

For further information, or the answer to your questions - please email mark_shackelford@hotmail.com

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