Mark Shackelford's Feng Shui Software comes in four different versions:


Click here for screen shotsThe full system with every Feng Shui feature you will need as a professional Feng Shui consultant, or if you are following an in-depth course of Feng Shui.


Click here for screen shotsThis package contains everything you need for basic Feng Shui consultancy - without needing to understand the full complexities of the Lo Pan or Flying Star Feng Shui


Click here for screen shotsThe program for use at home - with your family and friends. All the Chinese Astrology features to find out about your personality and your future, plus the basic Feng Shui readings to layout your House and Office


Click here for screen shotsThe program for fun and to try out the system, it has the basic Chinese Astrology features to find out about your personality and your future, plus the basic Feng Shui readings to layout your House. NOTE: The features available in the Lite version are much simplified from the full Professional version.

Each program gives you access to the Feng Shui topics shown in the table below, and calculates all the necessary values for you from the birth dates of the people you have entered into the program. The feature is available in a given version if the
yin-yang symbol is displayed in the version column shown below. For example, from the table, we can see that "Flying Star Cures" are available in the Professional and Expert versions, but not the Home version

Click on each of the links below to see a screen-shot of each of the program features:

Professional Expert Home Lite

Program Features

      Feng Shui Crystals - using Crystal Energy as Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers. ** NEW FOR 2009 **
      Tong Shu Almanac - using the 28 Mansions of the Lunar Calendar to see your fortune. ** NEW FOR 2008 **
      Advanced Divination - use the Plum Blossom I Ching and the T'ai Hsuan Ching to go beyond the simple I Ching. ** NEW FOR 2008 **
      Garden Layout - using Feng Shui Elements and Trigrams for an auspicious garden. ** NEW FOR 2008 **
      Feng Shui Form School - learn about the 4 Celestial Animals and how they can protect your home. ** NEW FOR 2008 **
      Water Dragon Theory - how to locate your water feature for Good Luck. ** NEW FOR 2008 **
      Plant Chooser - select the most auspicious plants for your garden using the Feng Shui Elements.  ** NEW FOR 2008 **
      Gardener's Almanac - a day-by-day guide to the Good (and Bad) things to do in your garden. ** NEW FOR 2008 **
      Gardening Tips - a wide range of useful gardening tips.
Floor Plans - draw your Home, Room or Office and have the Pa Kua or Flying Stars drawn on top of the floor plan.
Lo Pan Compass - an 18 ring compass
Daily Almanac - check for the most Auspicious day for dozens of different activities.
Nine Star Ki Directions - check the Good and Bad directions for Travel or House moves.
I Ching "Tarot" Layout - use the I Ching to create a Tarot-style layout on the Pa Kua.
10 Year Luck Pillars - display the Good or Bad Luck for the 10 year cycles of Life.
Flying Star Cures - get Enhancements and Cures for each of the Flying Star readings.
Flying Star - the comprehensive Feng Shui method using 24 directions
Daily Elements - check the elements relating to any selected day
9 Star Ki Astrology Readings - from the three Ki numbers you can read your character and check your compatibility with other people
Mah Jong Divination - the traditional game used like Western Tarot
I Ching Lottery - use the I Ching to choose your lucky Lottery numbers
Essential Oils - use Essential Oils as Feng Shui cures and enhancements
  Compass School Pa Kua - the eight different Pa Kuas (octagons) which show the auspicious and inauspicious locations for a house or room
  Numerology - look up the meaning of your name or your birth date using Numerology
  Feng Shui Ruler - check the auspicious measurements of your furniture and other household objects.
Four Pillars - the Chinese Horoscope based on the twelve Chinese Animals and the Five elements, calculated from the year, month, day and time of birth.
Astrological Relationships - check you compatibility with your family and friends by comparing your Element relationships.
Daily Fortune 'Cookies'- each day the system lets you check out that day's fortune, and also the fortune for the current year.
Black Hat Sect Ba Gua Enrichments - a popular Feng Shui school in North America, based on the location of the Front Door
I Ching Divination - throw the I Ching to divine the answer to the important questions in your life.
Feng Shui Tips and Information - all sorts of useful tips, hints and information about Feng Shui
Monthly Chinese Calendar - a monthly calendar showing you the best days for Travel, Romance and Wealth
Chinese Games - some traditional Chinese games for you to play in the odd moment of relaxation.

To view screenshots of The Feng Shui programs features click on any of the above items.