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Nine Star Ki - Japanese Astrology with the Magic Square

9 Star Ki is an alternative astrological method for you to determine your Horoscope and personal relationships using the Nine Stars method, based on the Feng Shui 'Magic Square', or Lo Shu.

loshu.gif (3111 bytes)The Lo Shu square has the curious property that every row, column and diagonal all add up to 15. Each number is related to one of the five Elements, and these are used to determine your Nine Star Ki horoscope depending on the position of your numbers in the square. Nine Star Ki is sometimes referred to as "Feng Shui Astrology" as the Lo Shu square is also used in Feng Shui when determining the meanings of your Pa Kua.

The program displays your Nine Star Ki numbers, the Element, your Birth Chart and predictions for the current Year and Month.

Your 9 Star Ki reading is based on three numbers:

Feng Shui Professional shows your personal readings and also allows you to determine your compatibility with your friends, family and a range of built-in famous names.

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