Features of the Feng Shui for Modern Living Professional Feng Shui Software
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The Professional program provides all these features for Feng Shui AND Chinese Astrology **

NOTE: Features labelled [LITE] are available in the FREE LITE version
Features labelled <PROF> are only available in the full Professional version


The Lo Pan Compass

  • 18 Rings built-in compass

  • 360 degree readings

  • Chinese and English Names

  • Yin and Yang Elements

  • Facing and Mountain Stars

  • Earth, Man and Heaven plates

  • Early Heaven Trigrams

  • Later Heaven Trigrams

  • 12 Branches

  • 24 Directions

  • 60 Stems

  • 72 Dragons

  • 28 Mansions * NEW *

  • 9 Stars

  • Seasons

  • Element Balance

  • Set Year of Building

  • Find Eras and Cycles

The ultimate Feng Shui tool - giving readings for every degree on the compass. Built-in to the program so you don't need a "real" Lo Pan - any ordinary compass will do. 

Flying Star Feng Shui

  • Earth vs Facing Star

  • Year vs Earth

  • Year vs Facing

  • Review Future potential issues

  • Shows Elements and Stars for 360 degrees

  • "Point and Click" to select direction

  • Colour Coded for Auspicious, Good Bad or Inauspicious

  • links to Lo Pan Readings

  • Evaluate each Family Member

  • Family Member Enhancements

  • Evaluate each Room location

  • Room Colour Matching

  • Earth Base Energy Cycle

  • Flying Star Cures

  • Floor Plan for Flying Star

  • Flying Star Enhancements

  • Flying Star Colour Cures

  • Chinese and English names for all Stars and Elements

The traditional Feng Shui school used by Masters worldwide. More accurate than the Compass school (see below), but more complex to use.

Floor Plan Drawing

  • Import bitmaps, jpegs etc.

  • Add Flying Stars

  • Add Compass School Pa Kua

  • Add Black Hat Ba Gua

  • "Point and Click" to align Grids

  • Indicates North

  • Aligns Grid to any Direction

  • Draws Square Grid or Octagonal lines 

  • Shows Pa Kua numbers

  • Displays Elements and Trigrams

  • Select Colours

  • Print Floor Plans

Import your drawing of your room, house, office or garden and have the Pa Kua automatically drawn for you.

Compass School

  • Shows Auspicious and Inauspicious Locations

  • Shows Indicators and Meanings

  • Shows Trigram Title and Details

  • Compass Direction and Element

  • Calculates best and worst Rooms for each location

  • Feng Shui Hints for Rooms

  • Colour Matching for Decor

  • Essential Oils for Elements

  • Feng Shui Enhancements

  • Feng Shui Cures

  • Floor Plan for Pa Kua

The best known Feng Shui method - useful for quick readings before using the full Flying Star system.

Black Hat Ba Gua

  • 8 Feng Shui Directions

  • Enrichments for each location

  • Colour Matching for Decor

  • Essential Oil cures

  • Floor Plan for Ba Gua

  • Room Enhancers

  • Garden Enhancers

The simpler Front Door based Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Colour Wheel
  • Colours by Element
  • Matching Colours
  • Balancing Colours
  • Enhancements
The Feng Shui Colour Wheel lets you choose the best matching and balancing colours for your rooms.

Feng Shui Measurements

  • Inches or Centimetres

  • Inside or Outside

  • Check Height, Width and Length at the same time.

  • Drag and Drop Ruler for instant Readings

  • Auspicious sizes for your furniture

Use Feng Shui to find the most auspicious measurements for your buildings and furniture.

Garden Feng Shui

  • Flying Star Garden Layout

  • Feng Shui Garden Planner

  • Form School for Gardens

  • Water Dragon Formula

  • Pa Kua Compass for Gardens

  • Plant Chooser

  • Colour Matching

  • Garden Enhancements

  • Ba Gua for Gardens

  • Daily Garden Almanac for best Activities in the Garden

The latest feature allowing you to use Feng Shui in designing your garden and choosing your plants

Essential Oil Cures

  • Select by Element 

  • Select by Colour

  • Complementary Oils

  • Enhancing Oils

  • Reducing Oils

  • Match to Element

  • Match with Direction

  • Database of over 80oils

Feng Shui through Essential Oils - match the oils to the Elements.

Names and Addresses
  • Upto 1000 names of Family, Friends or Clients
  • Date of Birth
  • Full Address
  • Telephone
Full details of friends and family - or business contacts


Feng Shui Crystals
  • Choose by Element
  • Choose by Direction
  • Choose by Health Issue
Feng Shui Crystals let you use the power of Crystal Energy as Feng Shui cures and enhancers

For more details of the full range of featiures in the Professional Version follow the links opposite: Screenshots

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Software Guide


Tong Shu Almanac

  • Lucky and Unlucky Days

  • Best Activities

  • Tong Shu Readings

  • Element Matching

  • Personal Animals

  • Constellation diagram

  • Mapped to Western Constellations

  • 28 Mansions

  • 12 Zones of Jupiter

  • 4 Heavenly Animals

  • 4 Seasons

The Chinese Lunar Almanac based on the 28 Mansions.

I Ching Divination

  • I Ching with Coins

  • I Ching with Yarrow Stalks

  • I Ching by Dice

  • Standard hexagram

  • Inverse hexagram

  • Present hexagram

  • Future hexagram

  • House and Element

  • Moving Lines

  • Details for every moving Line

  • Moving Live Relations

  • Moving Line Planets

  • Moving Line Aspects

  • Moving Line Weather etc.

The original Chinese oracle - with answers to all your questions. 

Advanced Divination

  • Plum Blossom I Ching

  • Early and Later Heaven

  • I Ching Aspects

  • I Ching Relationships

  • I Ching Moving Lines

  • I Ching Nuclear Trigrams

  • I Ching Translations

Plum Blossom I Ching takes the basic oracle and turns it into a powerful question solving tool.

T'ai Hsuan Ching Divination

  • Tao Te Ching readings

  • Tao Te Ching comparisons

An ancient (and different) version of the I Ching based on 4-line tetragrams

Mah Jong Divination

  • Pick Tile layout

  • Full colour Tile pictures

  • Tile Readings

  • Full Interpretation

Based on the ancient Chinese Game, this uses the meanings of the tiles for Divination.

Nine Star Ki Astrology

  • Nine Star Relationships

  • Principal Number

  • Character Number

  • Energetic Number

  • Nine Star Aspects

  • Birth Chart

  • Predictions for Year

  • Predictions for Month

  • Nine Star Directions for Travel or Moving House

  • Tao Te Ching Reading

Divination based on the 9 Chinese Stars, you can learn about yourself and your partner as well as determining the best direction for travel or a move.

Chinese Astrology

  • Four Pillars

  • Years to 2050 and beyond

  • Heritage - Year

  • Upbringing - Month

  • Self - Day

  • Future Life - Hour

  • Horoscope Readings

  • 8 Elements

  • Trigrams

  • Chinese Animals

  • Stems and Branches

  • Chinese and English names

  • Yin and Yang

  • Element Balance

  • Yin Yang Balance

  • Cures for Imbalances

  • Colour Matching

  • Chinese Life Cycle

  • Lucky Stars

  • Lucky Gods

  • Chinese Luck Pillars

The full Chinese Astrology (also known as the Four PIllars), with the Elements showing you about yourself and your past and future. 

Astrology Relationships

  • Element Matching

  • Trigram Matching

  • Stem and Branch Matching

  • Famous People database

Using the Elements to predict how you will get on with other people.

Daily Almanac

  • Auspicious Days

  • Good and Bad Activities

  • Look ahead for up to 40 years

A diary that shows you the best (and worst) days for a wide range of activities.

I Ching 'Tarot'

  • Hexagram readings

  • Pa Kua Location readings

Using the I Ching in a similar way to the Western Tarot for further Divination.


I Ching Lottery Numbers

  • Numerology

  • Chinese Games

  • Chinese "Fortune Cookies"

  • Feng Shui Tips

  • Feng Shui Information

Use the I Ching to select the best numbers for your Lottery choices.  

Daily Elements
  • Elements by Year, Month, Day and Hour
  • Ying and Yang readings
  • Stems and Branches
  • Nine Star Ki numbers
  • Chinese and English names
Quick "Look up" of Elements for any selected day

Fortune "Cookies"
  • Yearly Fortune

  • Yearly Star fortune

  • Luck Star for Age

  • Lucky God for Day

  • Lucky Star for Day

  • Lucky Star for Hour

A wide range of Chinese Fortunes for each day and hour

And also includes
  • Numerology

  • Chinese Games

  • Feng Shui Tips

  • Feng Shui Information

A host of other useful features that appear as "pop up" windows - including Name numerology, and a Feng Shui information browser with details on all aspects of Feng Shui and Astrology

Printing and Reports
  • Black and White printable diagrams
  • Pa Kua
  • Ba Gua
  • Flying Star
  • Lo Pan
  • Astrology Reports
Most features have printable reports, and all main diagrams can be printed in Black and White for further annotation
Chinese Life Cycle

For details of the individual features - click on the highlighted links... these will pop up a window showing a screenshot of the program, plus a description of what the feature does.

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