Feng Shui Professional Software
New Floor Plan Feature

The Feng Shui Professional program has been updated with yet another exciting and useful new feature. You can now add the floor plan of your house, room or office to the program - and it will display the Compass School Pa Kua, or Flying Star diagram superimposed on your picture.

Floor Plans

The Feng Shui Professional and Consultants versions now provide the capability of drawing the Compass School Pa Kua or Flying Star diagram over a picture of your House, Room or Office. You can use any drawing tool that you like - from Microsoft Paint to a serious Architect's tool - and then the program will read your picture and draw the Feng Shui grid on top of your floor plan.

You can then print this diagram, with the standard Feng Shui headings and details to add to your reports.

For more details, or to learn how to upgrade to this new version if you already have a copy of the Feng Shui Professional program - please contact mark_shackelford@hotmail.com