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Recommended by Feng Shui experts:

Stephen Skinner ~ Author and Editor
"a really useful product that should be on the PC of everyone interested in Feng Shui."

Derek Walters ~ Author of "Chinese Geomancy"
"Visually stunning, and extremely user friendly. A 'must-have' for the keen student of Real Feng Shui"

Jon Sandifer ~ Author of "Feng Shui Journey"
"... it is very user friendly. This product saves a lot of calculation and I highly recommend it."

Master C.S. Chang ~ renowned Feng Shui master
"This CD-ROM is the culmination of 25 years of Feng Shui knowledge, practice and experience, and is an invaluable tool in all your Feng Shui applications."

Feng Shui (Chinese for "Wind and Water") is a mixture of Art and Science that has been used for thousands of years in China and the Far East. It is not just a few amusing Animal symbols, but a rich and powerful tool to help you reshape your life, your relationships and your fortune.

Much of Chinese science is based on centuries of observation, rather than experiment - and the theories of Feng Shui are a result of this careful, long-term observation of the ways of nature.

Modern Feng Shui is used all over the world to help people with their health, their homes, their relationships and their wealth.

The Feng Shui for Modern Living software is designed to help you take advantage of the power of Feng Shui, giving you direct access to all the different aspects of Feng Shui - from the I Ching oracle, through the various Feng Shui schools (Black Hat, Compass, Flying Star and Lo Pan), to the exploration of your personality and relationships using Chinese Astrology.

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Feng Shui for Modern Living Professional Software
with Lo Pan compass, Flying Star, Compass School, Black Hat, Garden Feng Shui, Tong Shu, Four Pillars, Stems and Branches, Chinese Life Cycle, Floor Plan drawing, Plum Blossom I Ching, Nine Star Ki, Mah Jong divination, I Ching Lottery numbers, Daily Almanac, Crystal Healing and much more... click here for full details

The software has a perpetual calendar - you do not need yearly updates.

Feng Shui Professional
now runs on all Windows versions (7, 8, 10) - click here for details

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TRIAL VERSION - Try our Feng Shui "Lite" Program **FREE**
Just contact and we will send the link for your FREE download of our Lite version. You can use this Free Trial to make sure that our software runs on your PC before you order.

The Original and Best Feng Shui Software

Download our world-famous Feng Shui software to learn and use the ancient Feng Shui techniques for your own home, for your family and friends, and for all your calculations and readings if you are a Feng Shui consultant. Over 10 years of development have gone into this software.

Feng Shui for Modern Living Magazine Online

The Feng Shui for Modern Living magazine is now available online at
Stephen Skinner published Feng Shui for Modern Living with over 30 editions, and a readership of over 120,000. 

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The only Feng Shui program with a built-in Lo Pan compass, and Feng Shui for Gardens. Plus every other Feng Shui feature you will ever need...

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The online Magazine includes Articles from the first 30 editions of the Magazine.

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Geomancy - divination by earth - ranks alongside the Tarot, Astrology and the I Ching as an important form of Divination. This new program from the designer of the Feng Shui software provides everything necessary for you to perform your own Geomancy. The program also includes a wonderful Runes Oracle with layouts you can design yourself.

Now with Celtic Ogham Oracle - click here for details

Feng Shui History ~ the story of Classical Feng Shui in China and the West from 221 BC to 2012 AD by Stephen Skinner. Available from 30th November 2012.

This wonderful brand new book "Feng Shui History" tracks the evolution of feng shui in detail in China from 221 BC till the present day, and then its spread throughout SE Asia, and finally to the rest of the world in the last 35 years. This has never been done before in English. This book has been meticulously researched, from authoritative Chinese texts and the analysis of many antique lo p'ans, and gives the real history of feng shui. It contains the biographical details of many masters, and tracks the developments and people involved in propagating feng shui in the US, UK, Europe and China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, in the 20th and 21st century, right up to date in 2012. For more details - click here

Some features of our
 Professional software. 

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Lo Pan

Flying Star

Pa Kua


Life Cycle

I Ching


Colour Wheel

NEW for 2014

9 Star Ki

Monthly Calendar


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