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this page provides you with a list of Feng Shui Consultants and Authors. If you would like your site added to this page, or know of a site that should be added, please see at the bottom of the page

feng shui consultants and authors

168 Feng Shui Advisors www.168fengshui.com 
Aaron Lee Koch  www.8FengShui.com 
Abundant Feng Shui Creations  www.fengshui108.com 
Adrienne Chinn : Interior Design www.adriennechinn.co.uk 
Alan Stirling - Feng Shui Master Consultant www.fengshuithatworks.co.uk  
Aline Mendes - Architect www.geocities.com/alinemendes
Anjela Wong and Associates  www.anjelawong.com.au 
Awareness ~ Classical Feng Shui  www.melanilewandowski.com 
Boca Raton Consultants www.geocities.com/bocafengshui/fastentry 
BTB Feng Shui Training www.btbfengshui.org 
Carl de Miranda www.qietude.com 
Carol Omstead (Feng Shui for Real Life) fengshuiforreallife.com
Catherine Candless *NEW* www.SanDiegoFengShui.com 
Celestial Geomancy Ltd   www.rivermap.com 
Centaine Consultants www.CentaineConsultants.com.au 
Christian Kyriacou www.kyriacou.com 
Creative Color Design Inc. www.Creativecolordesigninc.com 
Dean French Australian consultant www.golddragonfengshui.com.au 
Dee Ramage - Phoenix Feng Shui Consultancy www.phoenixfengshui.co.uk  
Dick Evers Design Team www.fengshui.nl
Donna Cantone - Phoenix Feng Shui www.Phoenixfengshuiandhs.com 
Dr. Michael Oon - Traditional Feng Shui michaeloon.com
Dr. West's Feng Shui Services www.westfengshui.com 
Esto Quality Lighting www.esto.at
Everything Feng Shui  www.everythingfengshui.com.au 
Feng Shui Architecture www.fengshuiarch.com
Feng Shui Beraterin www.fengshui-consultant.de 
Feng Shui By Design www.fengshuius.com 
Feng Shui Centre www.fengshuicentre.com.au
Feng Shui Conscious Environment   www.fengshuiconsciousenvironment.com
Feng Shui Consultant - Online Services   www.fengshui-services.com
Feng Shui Doctor   www.fengshuidoctor.co.uk
Feng Shui Harmony www.come-alive.co.uk 
Feng Shui House Info www.fengshuihouse.info 
Feng Shui Life ~ Georgia Kiafi www.fengshuilife.gr
Feng Shui Life, Vicky Sweetlove FSSA  www.fengshuilife.co.uk 
Feng Shui Living - NSW Australia www.fengshuiliving.com.au 
Feng Shui Long Island (Carole Provenzale)  www.FengShuiLI.com 
Feng Shui New York www.fengshuinewyork.com 
Feng Shui Publications  www.Fengshuipublications.com 
Feng Shui Style * NEW *  www.fengshuistyle.us 
Feng Shui Tao www.fengshuitao.com 
Feng Shui That Makes Sense *NEW*  www.FengShuiThatMakesSense.com 
Feng shui tips by Michael Savitsky  www.michaelsavitsky.com 
Feng Shui World Congress www.fengshui-worldcongress.com 
Finding Your Fiji (Kim Julen) *NEW* www.findingyourfiji.com 
Harmony Thru Design (Sharon Siegel) www.harmonythrudesign.com/ 
Harrison Kyng (Shen Dao Style)  www.kyngdom.com 
Healthy Energy and Life  www.healthenergyandlife.org
Holistic Intent - Manifest better health www.HolisticIntent.com 
House of Feng Shui www.fengshui-online-store.com 
House Plan Architect  www.houseplanarchitect.com/
Indira : Healings, Divinations and Feng Shui www.innerlabyrinth.com 
International Feng Shui Research Design Centre www.fengshui2000.com 
Jade Market Hong Kong www.jademarkethongkong.com 
Joelle Brucher - Classical Feng Shui  www.KurveElements.com
Jon Sandifer www.fengshui.co.uk
Joseph Yu www.astro-fengshui.com
Karen Rauch Carter www.fengshuipalace.com 
Larry Sang www.amfengshui.com
Life Positive www.lifepositive.com 
Living Designs www.livingdesigns.co.uk
Louisa's Feng Shui fengshui.louisa-martin.com 
Lydia Wong www.keywestyoga.com 
Madan Seda www.fengshui2000.co.uk
Master Peter Leung www.fengshuisos.com 
Melissa Kushi Classical Feng Shui www.MelissaKushi.com 
Michael Oon www.fengshui-bedrooms.com 
MING LI TONG SHU www.tongshu.com 
MJG Designs www.mjgdesigns.com 
Monica Koppel www.fengshui-monicakoppel.com
Nicola Jones - Feng Shui Design Consultancy www.feng-shui-design-consultancy.com
Patrick Dobler de Souza www.hotelfengshui.com 
Phoenix Feng Shui (UK) www.phoenixfengshui.co.uk 
Phoenix Qianetics uk.geocities.com/phoenix_qianetics
Raymond Lo www.raymond-lo.com
Real Change Feng Shui Consultants  www.realchangefengshui.com
Red Phoenix Feng Shui www.RedPhoenixFengShui.com
Reiko Feng Shui Interior Design www.reikodesign.com 
Renuka - Feng Shui Consultant and Writer www.renuka.com
Rising Dragon Feng Shui - Online Courses www.rising-dragon.co.uk 
Roger Green www.fengshuiseminars.com
Sacred Balance Feng Shui www.sacredbalance108.com 
Serenities - Feng Shui Store www.fengshuistore.com 
Sheila Wright www.fengshuiservices.com 
Silvia Elizondo www.silviaelizondo.com
Simon Brown www.chienergy.co.uk
Space Essential - Feng Shui and Qi Men Dun Jia www.spacessential.com
Stephen Skinner www.sskinner.com
Tchi Consulting www.TchiConsulting.com
Teresa Hwang www.teresahwang.com 
The Feng Shui Way fengshui.stellarweb.biz
Thomas Coxon : Feng Shui Consultant  www.fengshui-consultants.co.uk 

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