Feng Shui for Modern Living : Screenshots


Feng Shui Lite Program - screenshot

The Feng Shui Lite program is for you to try the system. The following sections show the various features:.

PLEASE NOTE: The "Lite" program has simplified versions of all the features - just to give you a feel for the power of the main "Professional" version. 
To see the features available in the full Professional version - please click here.

The Feng Shui programs provide information and calculations on all the aspects of Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui.  The first screen shot shows the main screen, with the various features available as buttons.


1. Your Chinese Horoscope - based on the Eight Pillars, this shows your Astrological make-up, with details ranging from your Chinese Animal, to your Element Balance, with simple hints on how to help you make the best of your life, your character and your environment.

Chinese Horoscope : Click here for more details

2. Next, you can use the Chinese Astrological Relationships to find out how compatible you are with your partner, your family, your friends or your business associates. There is even a built-in list of famous people so you can see whether you would be compatible with your favourite actress or rock-star!

Chinese Astrological Relationships : Click here for more details


3. Next is the Japanese style Nine Star Ki, based on the Lo Shu Magic Square - this gives a different slant on your character, and can show you details of your character, your nature, aspects of your relationships and can also look into your future.

Nine Star Ki

4. The Monthly Chinese Calendar gives you a snap shot of the month ahead, with easy to understand symbols showing Good days and Bad days.

Chinese Monthly Calendar

5. In America, the Black Hat School Ba Gua, based on the location of the Front Door, is very popular.

Black Hat School Ba Gua

6. The program has a simple I Ching feature, which allows you to get an I Ching reading showing the basic reading, keyword and the component Trigrams.

7. The program also includes daily Fortune "Cookies" - just for fun!

Chinese Fortune 'Cookies'

8. A wide range of pop-up windows show Help Topics - with a quick introduction to all the Feng Shui features,

Feng Shui Tips and Topics