Lock Down Feng Shui for bored children – Colouring their Pa Kua

First open the Feng Shui Professional program and add the child’s name to the system.

Click on “File” menu and then “Update Names”, then “Add new Name”

Then click on the Compass School menu icon (top left) and you will see the Pa Kua page

Click on the Printer Icon (to the right of the “Crystals and Oils” button).

This will allow you to print a black and white Pa Kua for the chosen name.

You can, of course, do the same for the Black Hat School – which has more friendly options

Also recommend that you check the Element Balance (Chinese Horoscope – top right menu icon) and choose the colour for any unbalanced element as the main colour for the diagram.

In my example, Timmy has balanced elements so can choose any colours – otherwise choose the Element colour with the lowest count

The final artistic masterpiece can be hung on the bedroom wall