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  Download our world-famous Feng Shui software to learn and use the ancient Feng Shui techniques for your own home, for your family and friends, and for consultations if you are running a business.   


Run the software on your Microsoft Windows PC or laptop - anywhere, anytime - no need for an Internet connection. Take it with you to other people's houses or offices - really useful for Feng Shui consultants!

Feng Shui for Modern Living Software is the most comprehensive Feng Shui program available, being an incredible learning tool for anyone interested in discovering the complete secrets of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, as well as a powerful Feng Shui Consultant's tool, allowing you to build up a client list and work out all the Feng Shui formulae for them and print off reports. 

This is the only software available with a built-in Lo Pan Compass (now includes 28 Mansions), plus all the other Feng Shui schools - Form School, Flying Star, Compass and Black Hat. And a huge range of Chinese Astrology and Divination features - Four Pillars, I Ching, Nine Star Ki, Tong Shu - in fact everything you need to make your life just that little bit better! 

Click here for a full list of the features available with Feng Shui Professional.

Some features of our
 Professional software. 

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Lo Pan


Brand new in the latest version - the Feng Shui Colour Wheel, Liu Bo Divination and Chinese Dominoes and Dice.
  The Feng Shui Professional program has been updated with brand new features. The Feng Shui Colour Wheel (linking your personal colours with those that will enhance your life), the ancient Liu Bo Divination game, using Chinese Dice and Dominoes for Fortune Telling, and predictions for the Year, Month and Day using the 60 Animal and Heavenly Stem cycles. 

Click here for more details of these amazing new features.

Colour Wheel

NEW for 2014

Screen Shot

Lo Pan Compass
Flying Star
Form School
Garden Feng Shui
Advanced I Ching
Four Pillars
Luck Pillars
T'ai Hsuan Ching
Daily Almanac
Monthly Calendar
Compass School
Black Hat School
Feng Shui Ruler
Chinese Life Cycle
and much more...

* NEW Tong Shu

Get the Full and Original Feng Shui software ONLY HERE!


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Pa Kua


Online Shop

You can use your Credit Card to buy your copy and download it right now! 

You can upgrade to a higher version at any time for just the difference in price.


There are various versions of the software - depending on your needs. You can buy online now using your Credit Card, and download the program to get going straightaway. We use the secure PayPal system - and you will be directed to a download instructions page as soon as your payment is complete. You do NOT need a PayPal account - just a Credit Card.

VersionWho is it for?

Cost ($)



For fun and to get a "taste" for the full power of Feng Shui. 
Just email for your FREE download link to the LITE version...
ProfessionalFor experts or consultants who need the complete Feng Shui system. $200
NOW $150
I ChingAll the Divination features of the Professional for those who don't need the Feng Shui aspects. ** NEW **$50
Click on any of the Version names above to see more detailsUS dollars
Also available on CD-Rom - click here for all options in our Shop 

I Ching



Full List of Features

  To learn more about what the software can do for you, click on the button below - see the vast number of features of our Professional software compared to any other available software.

  • New to Feng Shui? Use the software to discover all the Feng Shui secrets.
  • Running a Feng Shui business? Use the software for all your Calculations.
  • Moving House? Use Feng Shui to give your New House the best Aspect.
  • Looking for a new job? Use the Almanac to find the best day for an Interview.
  • Found a new partner? Check them out with Feng Shui Relationships.
  • Going on Holiday? Use Nine Star Ki Directions to choose the perfect Destination.
  • Getting Married? Use the Almanac to find the best day for your Wedding.
  • Don't like the look of your Room? Redecorate with Feng Shui Colour Matching.
  • Time to redo the Garden? Use Feng Shui to layout the perfect Flower Bed.
  • Buying a new Bed or Desk? Check the best size with Feng Shui Measurements.
  • Want to know what the future holds? Check out your Chinese Horoscope.
  • Tricky decision to make? Use the I Ching and T'ai Hsuan Ching to help decide.
  • Things going badly? Use Feng Shui Cures to Improve your Life.
  • Worried about money? Use Feng Shui to improve your Wealth.
  • Need a bit of Peace and Calm? Use Feng Shui to Enhance your Environment
  • ... these are just some of the things that Feng Shui can do for you...
9 Star Ki

Feng Shui Garden 

  Feng Shui Professional includes the unique Feng Shui for Garden features - allowing you to layout your garden, choose plants, set out Water features and select the best day for gardening activities.... Click here for more details  

Advanced Divination

  Advanced Divination - "Beyond the I Ching..." Feng Shui Professional features the amazing insights of the Plum Blossom I Ching and the extraordinary T'ai Hsuan Ching... Click here for more details

Now also available as a separate "I Ching" program...


8 and 9


10 years of development have gone into this unique piece of software - designed and written by Mark Shackelford (professional programmer and Feng Shui consultant to Feng Shui for Modern Living) in conjunction with Stephen Skinner, the world-famous author and Editor of the Feng Shui for Modern Living Magazine, who first brought Feng Shui to the UK. The program is developed and maintained from our centre in Worthing, Sussex near the glorious South Downs and only 10 minutes walk from the sea! Plenty of Wind and Water...

Now used by hundreds of Feng Shui professionals (and many many home enthusiasts!) world-wide. Recommended by Experts (see below)

The most recent version is designed to run on Windows 7, 8 and 10 as well as all the previous Windows versions (XP etc.)

Flying Star

Recommended by Feng Shui Experts


Recommendations from Feng Shui experts:

Stephen Skinner ~ Author and Editor
"a really useful product that should be on the PC of everyone interested in Feng Shui."

Derek Walters ~ Author of "Chinese Geomancy"
"Visually stunning, and extremely user friendly. A 'must-have' for the keen student of Real Feng Shui"

Jon Sandifer ~ Author of "Feng Shui Journey"
"... it is very user friendly. I also like the effort gone into calculating which year and month you occupy. This product saves a lot of calculation and I highly recommend it."

Master C.S. Chang ~ a renowned Feng Shui master
"The CD-ROM contains a complete set of programs that automate many of the complex Feng Shui calculations and cross-references, thereby simplifying the application processes. It will serve as an invaluable tool in all your Feng Shui applications. This CD-ROM is the culmination of years of Feng Shui knowledge, practice and experience."

Life Cycle

Used by 100s of people all over the world...

Some comments from satisfied customers:

BS : "Thanks for the prompt reply and the program has been setup in my computer and working fine. I'm glad that I have chosen your software as it is very informative and user friendly. However as a newbie its going to keep me very busy... Great software and please do keep me in your mailing list for any future updates."

M & C, Minneapolis : "Feng Shui as you have never seen it before-- Complete, unfettered, yet fully balanced access to the very roots of the many schools and traditions. You may find it a greater resource than the Internet."

LB of Wirral, UK : "it makes things so easy to work out, particularly on a home visit"

V & Jeremy, the Netherlands : "the CD-Rom is working fine, first impression : VERY NICE !"

J, Kidderminster, UK : "...really good interface, excellent presentation...I'm really glad you guys are doing this, since it saves me from having to wade through all the tables to complete the Four Pillars from first principles"

FV, France "Thanks’ a lot, I am really very impressed by it and by the quality of your work."

RG, USA (after purchasing Home version and upgrading to Professional) "WOW huge difference. I have a lot of learning to do :-) I am very satisfied."

ME, USA "I am really getting a lot out of the professional version of this software.

MB, California "I've been in the software development business for 10 years as a systems engineer working with developers from all of the world and I must say that after viewing your software product you have a wide variety of features that are second to none."

LB, USA "I'm VERY pleased with the software."

I, Denmark "mark, your software is the best in the world,"

KL, California "Hello Mark, thanks for making this software I hope I get out of it what I think I will."

KU, USA "Love your software! I have a question about getting more detail reading for my Four Pillars. Do you know if any software out there that will give me the 10, 5 & 1 year detail Luck Pillars?" <<My response - this feature is now in the Professional version>>

BJ, Florida "Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to experience your "awesome" trial version of Feng Shui and Geomancy... I humbly commend you for creating an exceptional software program that is endowed with the masterful potential to compassionately serve and guide many souls on their healing-evolving transformation journey."

RS USA "Thanks for you hard work on these great visual Ideas. This helps me translate a lot of the Fung Shui text in to very practical ideas."

MD UK "Just a brief note to thank you, again, for the Feng Shui Program. It arrived this morning. I have installed it on my PC and run through the various sections and all working okay!"

Monthly Calendar



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Now includes Rune divination

Geomancy - divination by earth - ranks alongside the Tarot, Astrology and the I Ching as an important form of Divination. This program provides everything necessary for you to perform your own Geomancy. 

Geomancy Software. A Brand New program - from the designer of the famous Feng Shui Professional software! Click here for details...


I Ching Software

  I Ching - Chinese Oracle Program
Use the power of the I Ching to help answer your questions and help with decisions.

This program contains lots of different I Ching based Oracles - using Coins or Yarrow sticks. Also with the amazing Plum Blossom I Ching and Later Heaven version. Other features include the T'ai Hsaun Ching, based on 4 line tetragrams, an Oracle based on the Mah Jong tiles, and a Tarot-like spread of I Ching readings laid over the Ba Gua octagon.

Please note that all the features are available in the existing Feng Shui Professional - this new program is just for anyone who only needs the I Ching.

For full details of this beautiful I Ching program - click here. Only $50...!



You may see this software for sale as the "Home" or "Expert" version on a variety of websites (including ABallantine). These are NOT supported versions and you will not get any support or Feng Shui assistance from the sellers. The Professional version is only available from this website, and is 100% supported by the original programmer (Mark Shackelford) with new versions and updates on a regular basis.
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