Feng Shui Professional Software
New Features

The Feng Shui Professional program has been updated with a set of exciting and useful new features.

Ten Year Luck Pillars

The Ten Year Luck Pillars are calculated from the standard Four Pillars Horoscope. This feature can be selected from the Chinese Horoscope window. They show how your luck will change over the various 10 year periods of your life, and make an interesting comparison with the existing Chinese Life Cycle display.

Flying Star Cures

The Flying Star window now includes buttons to help you determine Enhancements or Cures for the different Stars in the various locations of your House or Office. They suggest Feng Shui objects that can be used to enhance Good locations or nullify the effect of Unlucky Stars.

Nine Star Ki Directions

The Nine Star Ki directions allow you to determine the best days for travel, or the most appropriate direction for a move. The screen also allows you to set the length of time to be considered - Daily, Monthly or Yearly depending on the length of time of the travel.

I Ching "Tarot" Layout

This new feature uses the Pa Kua as the layout and then picks 8 I Ching Hexagrams for you to use to interpret the reading. Pop up windows will show you the full I Ching reading, and this window can be used just like the Western Tarot to divine the future of the various aspects of your life.

For more details, or to learn how to upgrade to this new version if you already have a copy of the Feng Shui Professional program - please contact mark_shackelford@hotmail.com