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I Ching Oracle Program - screenshots

The I Ching Oracle program is for the I Ching Enthusiast. It gives you access to all the Divination features of our famous Feng Shui Professional program. This version is for anyone who just wants the I Ching features without any of the Feng Shui or Chinese Astrology found in the main Professional version.

NOTE: If you have already purchased the Professional version - you do not need this program!

The program provides a wide range of Divination tools, such as I Ching, Plum Blossom, T'ai Hsuan Chi and Mah Jong. 

1. I Ching : The main Divination tool used for thousands of years in China is the I Ching or "Book of Changes". The program includes a sophisticated I Ching divination feature and you can throw the Hexagram using Coins or Yarrow stalks.

I Ching Divination

2. Advanced Plum Blossom I Ching - based on the theories of Shao Yung around 1000 years ago. The Early Heaven theory lets you choose your Trigrams based on the numerology of the situation and time.

3. The Later Heaven version allows you to choose the Trigrams for the I Ching reading from aspects of the situation - people, colours, feelings, places etc.

4. The T'ai Hsaun Ching is another version of the I Ching, but based on 4 line Tetragrams, made up from three types of lines - representing Heaven, Man and Earth.

5. The program also provides a comparison of a number of different translations of the Tao Te Ching - each of which are also linked to the T'ai Hsuan Ching.

6. Another popular form of divination uses the Mah Jong tiles - rather like the Western Tarot cards.

Mah Jong Divination

7. A new feature is the I Ching 'Tarot' reading, where the interpretation is based on the relationship between selected I Ching hexagrams and the Ba Gua layout.

Chinese Pa Kua 'Tarot'

8. You can use the Elements of the day to determine the Auspicious (and Bad) activities from the Feng Shui Daily Almanac.

Daily Almanac of Good and Bad Activities

9. The program also includes an I Ching Lottery number generator, where you can use the I Ching readings to work out the best set of numbers for the Lottery.

I Ching Lottery Numbers

10. A wide range of pop-up windows show Help Topics - with a quick introduction to all the Feng Shui features,

Feng Shui Tips and Topics


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