Wu Xing - the Five Elements Game


Wu Xing - a brand new "Print and Play" Game from Feng Shui for Modern Living

Wu Xing is a game of luck and skill based on the Chinese Five Elements, Twelve Animals and Ten Heavenly Stems. 
See the bottom of the page to get hold of your own copy of this fun game...

Wu Xing ("Five Elements") Tiles

The tiles represent the symbols from the Chinese theories of Feng Shui. The 5 Elements define various characteristics of people, places or events. The 12 Animals (also known as the Earthly Branches) are assigned to the months of the year – and help to predict a person’s fortune. The 10 Heavenly Stems (two for each Element) are then linked with the Animals to form a cycle of 60 years, which also is used for prediction over a person’s life.

Feng Shui for Modern Living Magazine has taken these symbols and created a delightful game, where the players are trying to claim sets and series of these symbols – and prevent their opponents from doing so!

The aim of the game is to get the highest score from a set of collected tiles. The tiles are claimed by matching the dice shown on the tile with the dice thrown by the player. Bonus points are gained for sets of tiles with matching Element colours or for collecting a complete series of Elements, Animals or Stems.

This game is available as "Print and Play" - all you need to do is download the game and the rules, and print them off.

Click here to download the Wu Xing Game Rules.

The game tiles come as a series of sheets in a PDF file - you print them off (preferably on stiff card) and then cut them out.

You will need the following:

  • A printer which can handle reasonably stiff card
  • 6 sheets of white card to print the game pieces onto (this includes the game board)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A few minutes to carefully cut out the tiles and the board
  • Two dice to throw during the game

The game works best with between 2 and 6 players - and will take about 20-30 minutes per game.

You've read the Rules... Now get your own copy of the game itself - please email me at mark_shackelford@hotmail.com and I will send you the PDF file containing the full game - you can then Print it and Play it.

Here are some "snapshots" of my family's copy of the game - we printed the pieces out on stiff white card, and found a lovely old chinese box (originally had some playing cards in) to keep everything safe! I also found some red dice to go with the game.