Feng Shui Professional
the ultimate astrological program for your PC

Flying Star Feng Shui

Feng Shui Professional includes a comprehensive Flying Star Feng Shui display, on which you can select the Facing Direction and date of Building, and then interpret the good and bad luck for each location.

It also allows you to take readings for the people who live in the building, and to determine the most appropriate location for the various rooms. 

New Features: The program has recently been updated to add the ability to draw the Floor Plan of any building and add the Flying Star diagram directly over it.

New feature - Flying Star Cures are now available for each of the three selected stars - click on the Magnifying Glass icon, and a small window "pops up" to show you Cures and Enhancements.

New Feature - Colour Matching has been added to the program, to provide you with details of how to enhance your location using Colour to manage the Elements:


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