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Over 15 years of development by Mark Shackelford has gone into this software. Windows FSML Professional Feng Shui Software Tool with Lo Pan compass, Flying Star, Compass School,  Garden Feng Shui, Tong Shu, Four Pillars, Stems and Branches, Chinese Life Cycle, Floor Plan drawing, Plum Blossom I Ching, Nine Star Ki, Mah Jong divination, I Ching and Daily Almanac.

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Windows FSML Professional Feng Shui Software Tool is the most comprehensive Feng Shui program available, being an incredible learning tool for anyone interested in discovering the complete secrets of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, as well as a powerful Feng Shui Consultant’s tool, allowing you to build up a client list and work out all the Feng Shui formulae for them and print off reports.

The features of the product include:

  • Lo Pan Compass – The Lo Pan Compass is the traditional instrument used for over a thousand years by professional Chinese Geomancers to take readings for building sites, burial grounds and homes. It consists of 10 or more rings each of which display a series of Elements, Heavenly Stems, Animals or Trigrams which are used to determine the auspicious or inauspicious energy of the site. The program displays a pop-up window for any selected direction with icons representing the contents of over 18 different rings.
  • Flying Star Feng Shui – Flying Star Feng Shui uses the 9 Stars in layouts based on the building date and the direction of the Front of the Building, also known as the Facing Star. You can use the Flying Stars to check the layout of a House, to check the Feng Shui of the House for any given year, to match Family members to the different locations in the House, and to check which is the best location for the different rooms.
  • Earth Base Energy Cycle – The Energy Cycle shows how the Feng Shui energy rises and falls for any given House, based on the date it was built. From this you can determine the most favourable times to live in a house, or when there may be problems that need Feng Shui remedies.
  • Compass School Feng Shui – using the compass directions and your Lucky Number to determine the favourable and unfavourable locations in your Room, House, Office or even on your Desk.
  • Black Hat School Feng Shui – a style of Feng Shui based on the eight Trigrams and the direction of your Front Door. The Black Hat School is very popular in North America. (FSML does not endorse or recommend BHS as it is not a genuine form of Feng Shui, but is found extensively in the United States –more)
  • I Ching Divination – an on-screen I Ching casting system, using the PC to randomly select the hexagrams. The I Ching reading includes the Chinese characters, the Keywords, Judgement and Image. It also shows the trigrams that make up the Hexagram.
  • The I Ching Lottery – this windows uses the I Ching to help you choose the numbers for your Lottery entry – read the hexagram meanings to decide whether the combination will bring you luck! (disclaimer FSML does not endorse gambling in any form and does not accept responsibility for individuals, the use of this software and any results)
  • The Daily Almanac – this window allows you to find out the auspicious and inauspicious days for a wide range of activities, from weddings to parties to travel.
  • Monthly Calendar – displays the auspicious and inauspicious days for the month ahead, including Travel, Romance, Finance and Relaxation.
  • Chinese Horoscope – The Four Pillars from your Year, Month, Day and Time of Birth. The display shows the Element and Animal signs from your birth date, plus readings of various aspects of your character. A summary of the Element and Yin/Yang balances are displayed so that you can work out how best to counteract any imbalance.
  • Chinese Life Cycle – your Chinese Horoscope Life cycle is displayed with the most Auspicious times for various Life events.
  • Horoscope Relationships – Horoscope based readings between you and any of the other people stored in the program. This also includes a pop-up dialog from which you can select a Famous Person to be compared with.
  • Feng Shui Measurements – A computer based Feng Shui Ruler which you can use to determine the most auspicious sizes for objects in your house or Office.
  • Feng Shui ‘Tip of the Day’ – a wide range of simple Hints and Tips to improve your Home and Life style using Feng Shui remedies.
  • Nine Star Ki Astrology – based on the Lo Shu ‘Magic Square’, this gives an alternative view of your Horoscope. It also includes a relationship comparison for both your friends and family, and also the Famous Names included with the system.
  • Mah Jong Divination – the traditional Chinese Game is used for Fortune Telling, rather like the Western Tarot cards.
  • Daily Fortune – a fortune ‘Cookie’ showing your lucky readings for the current Day, Year and Hour.
  • The Daily Elements – a pop-up window which shows you the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch (Animal) for the current Year, Month and Day as well as the current Nine Star Ki stars for the month.
  • Numerology – a simple window shows you the basic numerological readings for any name or date of birth.
  • Chinese Games – a selection of traditional Oriental games which can be played solo or against the computer.
  • Information Browser – a wide range of Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui topics are available on-line for you to learn a little bit more about the various aspects of your character and life determined by using the program.

Download our Windows FSML Feng Shui Professional Software Tool to learn and use the ancient Feng Shui techniques for your own home, for your family and friends, and for all your calculations and readings if you are a Feng Shui consultant.   Compatible with Windows versions (7, 8, 10) – PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 24hrs FOR PROCESSING BEFORE YOU RECEIVE YOUR DOWNLOAD LINK any questions please email us at



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